Quick Recap

Something happened last week and every night just disappeared. So a quick recap:

I made sock yarn! Freakishly excited about this. It’ll be washed and dried tonight and hopefully I can start some socks with it next weekend.

365.56 first sock yarn of 2011

I am much closer to being done with the new-favorite-sweater, which I was avoiding for two reasons. The first was I discovered I was a moron and while I noted how much the knit swatch grew in the stitch direction, I didn’t note this in the row direction. By the time I sorted this out, I was done with the body and had arm scythes that went down about 4 inches too far. Which is most certainly not fashionable. (Along with skirts that make you look stumpy. But I digress.) This meant I either had to be fancy, or rip out the whole top. I decided to be fancy and have a post ready for later this week with photos of how you too can be fancy if you somehow screw up and make a sweater for someone about 3 feet taller than you are. The second was I’m on the sleeves and while I’m magic looping two at once, which I will admit is making it better, it’s still sleeve knitting and still boring and I was afraid to get to the caps because then I’d have to deal with the fancy thing with the arm scythes and somehow that stalled me for a whole week.

365.54 new favorite sweater

I fixed it this weekend, though, so progress has commenced again.

And it snowed. Not welcome. That’s all, back to work again.

365.57 freaking snow


3 thoughts on “Quick Recap

  1. I’m applauding your spinning sock yarn! Hooray! It looks pretty.

    I’m very curious about this fanciness you mention.

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