Socks. So these sat on the needles done for about 2 weeks before I bothered to take them off and get them photographed today. Let me tell you something. When you ask the other person you live with and are married to to take photos of your new socks (which is demoralizing enough, come on, we all know this is not normal) and he says “Aww, now?” and you say “Ok, nevermind,” you know when that happens? You will then spend the next 15 minutes wishing you were better at yoga and contorting yourself into strange angles to get some kind of photo of your feet that (a) actually includes your feet, (b) doesn’t make your ankles look like kankles, and (c) is representative of the 20 hours or so of that went into spinning the yarn and knitting the damn things. This is the best I could do…

london socks 3

Note the artistic use of flowers in this shot…

london fog socks 2

They’re super comfy and really fun.

london fog socks 4

The yarn is handspun from London Fog Polworth top from Fat Cat Knits. Not any pattern just start with 26 stitches, go until they’re big enough, then long enough, then short row heel, then keep going until you’re almost out of yarn. That’s about it.

Happy Socks!


Apparently I Do Need Another Hole in the Head

I often say I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head. I’ve baked bread obsessively, I knit, spin and sell yarn, I P90X, run (when my leg works) and bike commute. I am never at a loss for things to do. Which is why I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head. But last year, I was with some knitting friends (danger zone number one) sewing together a baby blanket for a fellow knitter, and we had some wine (which is danger zone number 2) and the host friend pulled out her knitters loom (danger zone number 3). She started extolling the great benefits and yarn eating capabilities of said loom, and immediately, three of us decided we needed one. But we all decided we didn’t each need one, what we needed was a loom time share. But where do we find a time share loom? Here is where wine, groupings of knitters with yarn coming out our ears and a little ingenuity comes in… We bought one together, and it is now my time with our time share loom. And it’s brilliant. It eats yarn and scrap yarn like nobody’s business, turning it into Christmas presents faster than you can say BAM.


I started with some handspun that was purple and sparkly and 250 yards and I didn’t know what to do with. It’s brilliant. I love it. It has eaten my dining room table.

No matter.

A Rousing Game of Good News, Bad News

I always like a good game of good news, bad news. Let’s play.

Good News: We have cake in the house!!
Bad News: There goes the healthy eating for yesterday and today.

Good News: I had cake when I came home!!
Bad News: Right before my workout. Cake, pushups, especially pushups with your feet on a chair? Let’s just say cake is not a good pre-workout meal.

Speaking of workouts:
Good News: I’m in the third and last phase of my P90X workouts!!
Bad News: I’m up two pounds (of muscle, but still, demoralizing!!) and chest is about a size smaller… not in the good way but…
Good News: I’m strong as hell and my butt is higher than it was!! And have shoulders and abs! Pretty cool!

day 57_2

Good News: I finished the socks!!!
Bad News: They’re still on the needles. Just need to be cast off…
sock on needles

Good News: I’m halfway through the main part of a baby blanket!!
Bad News: This has seduced me from the socks, hence they’re still on the needles.
baby blanket

And a little bit of bad news good news:
Bad News: It snowed today
Good News: It didn’t stick and melted immediately. Take that, snow.

Bad News: I had no plans for dinner which can reduce me to either mac and cheese or monster hungry or both.
Good News: Our endless supply of cans of tomatoes and chicken broth lead to tomato soup and grilled cheese, possibly the best snowy rainy night ever.

Bad News: I am not, no one can make me, walking to the library for knit night.
Good News: I’m already in my comfy pants that are not fashionable but oh so comfy.


Along with spring, apparently, comes the desire for fresh clothes. And while I’m also thinking of spring wardrobes, which are typically not knitwear heavy, I couldn’t help scouring the internets for new things to knit. While I am typically not that into short sleeve sweaters, because if it’s cold enough for a sweater, come on, you want sleeves, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been wrong about fingerless mitts, perhaps I’m wrong about that. And with my desire for new stylish knits and seeing people with LOTS of handknit sweaters that are really cool on blogs and ravelry, I’m itching to start about a million new projects. The one I’m starting for real though is a baby blanket, “Finding Nemo” style. Looking forward to that.

Otherwise, boring day here. Rained all day which made me glad we had baked potato soup for dinner. By the way, delish. This Marianne, she is a good cook! I didn’t have any veggie stock and I gotta say, homemade was better… Happy Wednesday!

365.74 Veggie stock

Some New Things

It’s coming. Spring is coming. This weekend I’m seeing it, finally, took long enough! And while I always hate the time change in both directions, there are perks. All of a sudden, while someone took away my sunlit morning commute, it is magically light until 7 pm, which is indeed magic. All of a sudden the light is coming from a new angle and there’s talk of cleaning off the grill and things are looking pretty good again. I was thinking of spring mix and salads, which are a summer and spring thing for sure. So in the spirit of spring, here are a few new things.

Socks. Not super exciting, but kinda fun and entertaining. New because, well, I didn’t have them before, and also new for the two at once on magic loop, which I must admit is pretty slick.
The wool was dyed by fat cat knits in colorway london fog and fractal spun (the whole thing was split in three sections, on was divided into 3 strips and spun, one was divided into 4 and one into 5 strips and spun up, then plied together). They’re pretty entertaining for me.

Baby! Our good friends popped by with their 5 week old for me to meet today and we had a great time, she doesn’t do much yet, but is pretty darn cute. I made the requisite ridiculous faces at her and she mostly ignored me and slept.
365.71 oohh


And the new thing is that project 365 which had fallen off the wagon is back on the wagon, so hopefully I’ll keep it up again. Not sure what happened, February kicked my butt and I spent the first part of March recovering.

New Favorite Sweater!

So I have been MIA mainly because I got a bout of sloth and have been doing very little beyond knitting socks and lying around. But I did get some photos of the new improved favorite sweater and I think it’s a winner 🙂


I make weird faces because of glare, not because of the outfit. I love love this sweater. It fits great, is comfortable and warm, the neck is exactly like my old favorite sweater, and I think it’s flattering.


It’s got no pattern, just a copy of the dimensions of my old favorite sweater, with the fixes from last time of the armholes of death. I think the new length is pretty good and as you can see, after Kitchnering the two halves back together, you can’t tell at all that there were armholes of death. I’m pretty psyched that it worked, and a lot more confident in my sweater design and problem solving skillz. Especially with regard to set-in sleeves.

I’ll show socks soon. The 365 project fell prey to the bout of sloth, but I’m going to resume that very soon. As soon as I can peel myself up off the couch and get my arse in gear.

Fixing Too Long Arm Scythes

And so now I will disclose how I fancily shortened the arm holes on my new to be favorite sweater without ripping out everything above them. It’s a little fancy, pretty elegant, I think, and not at all hard, more likely to require a swig of whiskey if you’re not one to take scissors to knitting.

So, I started here:


1. I tried it on and they were too long. I put it away. I thought about it. I tried to tell myself it’d be ok, no problem. It’d fit magically, something would happen and it would be ok. But at the end of the day, even I had to admit that having sleeves that start a few inches below your boobs is never going to be fashionable. So, step one, admit you’ve got a problem. Check.

2. Try on the sweater and decide how much would be gone if you had your druthers. I chose about 1.5″ to 2″. I placed a marker at the bottom of the strip I wanted gone.
Also get your scissors out.

3. If you don’t cut your knitting, have nightmares about cutting your knitting, am terrified of scissors in the presence of your knitting, especially if their purpose is to cut your knitting, get yourself some wine and calm down. Then return. Even if you’re ok with cutting your knitting, wine is nice. Maybe have a glass anyways, then proceed.

4. Cut at the TOP of the strip you want gone, and unpick this row. It won’t unravel if you’re at all careful. It won’t implode, explode, or otherwise self destruct. I say this because I know several knitters who refuse to steek and are sure that scissors and knitting would be a huge mistake. Seriously, unpick the row.

5. Pick up all the stitches on the top edge with needles of your choice, preferably the same size you started with. Then unravel the bottom half down to your marker and pick up those stitches, making sure with both tips on the same side.


6. No picture here, but just take your wiggly yarn you just unraveled with and Kitchner the top and bottom together. I chose to use the wiggly yarn because I’d already washed it and it relaxes when washed, so I was afraid if I used fresh yarn that row would relax more than the others and it would be obvious. If you haven’t washed your knitting, feel free to grab a new un-wiggly length and get to it.

7. Repeat on the back. You’ve just saved yourself hours and hours of reknitting. You can shorten sleeves, bodies (of sweaters, you’re stuck with your own body) and lots of things this way. Works great. Very sneaky.

Happy Knitting!