365.43 Bobbins

I have a small problem which I realize every so often, try to fix, then get seduced by productivity again. I am over productive. As multi-tasking-genius, I tend to do way too may things. On Friday, I get home, get the yeast started for pizza dough, sort and start laundry, then start dough, get dressed for a workout, finish kneading the rested dough, do workout, punch down dough, switch laundry, shower… so I’ve done three things in the time normal people do one. I read while knitting or plying yarn. I am expert at spending more time than I should at work deciding the most efficient order of operations when I get home to do the most things before I crash into bed. I am the worlds worst relaxer. I can count on one hand – probably three fingers – the number of times I’ve sat down with a cup of tea or wine and done nothing for even 10 minutes in the past 6 months. Right at this moment I’m thinking – if I stripped the bed and got the laundry done, I could do that while blogging and… Ok. Stop. This kind of thinking leaves me feeling like the above photos – head full of things to do and slightly off kilter.

Now this seems great. I blame the 50’s housewives and more recently Martha Stewart for just ‘whipping’ things up as if it were no trouble, busy bees. Ok, that’s not true. I blame my OCD. But really, there is almost never a time I sit down to do something that I’m not thinking of all the other things I could/should be doing, and how I could possibly do those things WHILE I’m doing whatever I’m doing. I mean how many blogs do you read and think “How are they doing two sweaters a month” or “god, how to they cook so many fantastic meals EVERY DAY?” Ok, here’s their secret. They, I suspect are crazy too. While trying to make it look easy, I am about 99% sure they’re hyperventilating also. My perception anyways is that society is all into multi-tasking and productivity and doing more more more. On a rational level I know this makes no sense and is driving me crazy, but I continue to think of how I can fit more things into my day. Seriously, life is short! I also blame my goal orientedness. I am currently trying to read a book a month, spin 8-10 oz of wool a week, keep up with the news, do my P90X workouts, work 40 hours a week, keep the house pretty much presentable and us with clean undies, cook every night, take a photo every day… I seriously wonder where my brain was when I decided on these goals.

So I’m going to make a concerted effort over the next few weeks to play video games without thinking of all the things I have to do (seriously, if laundry doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen, life goes on) and knit a sock or something without thinking of how I can balance a book on my lap. I will try.


2 thoughts on “Over-Productive

  1. I’m a multi-tasker out of need – not choice. Your blog made me tired just reading it:) RELAX!! And playing a video game on Wii Fit would double as hanging out with the kids and working out.
    The photos of your yarn are beautiful!! I have crocheted (sp?) in the past. But there do not seem to be enough hours in the day these days.
    Good luck with the goals!

  2. I am absolutely a multi-tasker, for better or worse. The time I baked batches of cookies while urethaning a floor probably is the most difficult one. But my days are full, so what can you do? I was thinking yesterday — after I got home from work, fed the cats, threw a chicken in the oven, did barn chores, dusted, blah blah blah, that what would really be good for me would be 10 minutes of nothing. But I can’t do it. I even read shampoo bottles in the shower.

    I did yoga for a while and it helped me calm my brain down. Maybe a little meditation is in order.

    Your spinning, by the way, is beautiful.

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