365.37 yellow flowers

I am normally not a fresh flowers person. I do love them, but I always feel sad when they die and I throw them out after a week. Or more like they die and I refuse to believe that they’re dead and pretend they’re not until it’s not something anyone no matter how delusional could believe and then am faced with washing out a vase with green gunk stuck inside. However, the recent weather of stupid amounts of snow and then (thank goodness) rain (but still, cold rain. Who want’s that?) wore me down and I bought myself something sun colored and happy at the grocery store. And I love my flowers. I have no idea what type they are, but they’re yellow and happy and that’s good enough for me.

And since it was icky, this is where I stayed this weekend:

365.36 Saturday Night

This is my couch, with my knitting bag overflowing with sweater. Also sweater being measured on the back of the couch under the alpaca blanket. Note the puffy pillows. And handspun handknit socks. Yes, I am lame but this was a great day. New favorite sweater is done in the front, mostly done in the back, at knit-night tonight if I don’t screw up I expect to get them together and start the funnel turtle neck thingy, then it’ll be onto the sleeves.

With any luck I’ll have it finished sometime this week or next. Which is good. Since it’s still February and it’s still cold and snowing and I’m still seriously considering hibernation.


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