A New Favorite Sweater

Once upon a time, in high school, about 14 years ago now, I recieved for Christmas a sweater. It was a great sweater. It was beige, it was tweedy, it was soft, warm and fit perfectly. It was J. Crew, which at that point (and still today) was a big deal. It quickly became my favorite sweater. For 14 years I wore it I loved it, I thought was great. It got holes in it and I fixed them and continued wearing it. Then I stupidly ruined it by providing it the freak chance to contact a red sock while wet and well, we all know where this is going… Favorite sweater, while still my favorite sweater, is now less fashionable due to a large red blob (or pink, but pink enough to see it and say “gads! You’ve got a ruined sweater there, haven’t you!”)
As luck would have it, the next day I happened into a great yarn shop with a very pregnant friend who is nesting like there is no tomorrow. Anyways, as I was perusing I found a yarn (swatched earlier on blog) that was exactly the feel of the favorite sweater. Brilliant. I bought a shit ton. So in progress is a re-creation of the best sweater ever.

soon to be favorite sweater in progress

Never fear, the swatch indicates that when washed, it grows a bit so it should be just right after washing. Without any red socks this time, thankyouverymuch. (It’s hard to capture the red, it’s just above the green in this photo, and I swear it’s visible if you’re not looking at a photo but rather the sweater itself…)


The yarn is tweedy, soft after washing, and lovely. I’m usually a “give me 100% wool or give me death” type of person, and while this is 20% nylon, the label of old-favorite-sweater says the same thing, so in honor of historic re-creation, I feel ok about the knitting with a little plastic. I’m not entirely certain what I’m going to do when I get to the sleeves, whether to the set in sleeves without a pattern (DANGER!) or in the round (SAFER!) or raglan sleeves (SAFEST DECISION EVER!) but I’ll worry about that in a bit. I finished a bunch more at knit night so I’m almost to that decision, but I was too worried about the mouse running around the library floor to think about the sleeves… (There are mice in my city library… that’s gross. And terrifying… I didn’t like it and I won’t lie, I left a bit early because of the critter. Not so rugged now, hunh…)

And of course, knitting with most favorite stitch markers ever. Makes it even better. I have high hopes for new favorite sweater… Hopefully it’ll last another 14 years before I stupidly do something to ruin it again…



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