Thanks, Rob.

365.21 Thanks Rob

This week has been defeating. Defeating with first world problems entirely, which makes me feel like a brat that I’m considering them problems. Things like 2 snowstorms, neighbors who are total morons who reserve their spots with chairs making parking stressful, massages that get canceled, wakes that I cannot attend. Yesterday was the culmination with a traffic disaster on the way home, during which I became Monster Hungry. Monster Hungry is my husband’s description of what happens when I get hungry and there is no food around. It has reduced me to tears many times, once sitting on the kitchen floor painting a bookcase yellow for the third time. But I digress. The point is yesterday was not so great. I should be happy I could afford the massage that was canceled, have a job to go to that leaves me with the issue of getting home to find parking, and have a home to come to at all. I know this but it didn’t help me yesterday. Winter in New England is not easy. This year we’ve had a lot of snow. Then it rained on the snow and now it’s frozen in ice. Then we got more snow. I know, boo hoo. I’m just saying it is wearing me down. Combined with larger questions like “what do you want to be when you grow up” (and I’m 29… a little late? Don’t mention that please.) and PMS made this week an utterly defeating week which made me seriously consider hibernating at least until the snow melts which at this rate should be about April.

In order to avoid one more defeat, I left my car at home during the second significant snowfall this week and walked to the commuter rail station this morning, feeling pleased with myself that I’d thwarted the spot stealers on my street who would have claimed it and got on the train. I bought a ticket at the machine, and it spit it out, feeling pleased I walked up, waited and then got on the train. The day was going well. I saw a co-worker and we started chatting. Train man comes by, I give him my ticket and he takes it. “Oh, sorry, I need that back, it’s a round trip.” “No, you should have two.” say the man. Umm, nope it spit out one. I should have two. I give up. Train man collects the rest of the tickets, and comes back. “Did you buy a round trip?” Yes, I did. And the nice train man, apparently named Rob P. writes out the ticket above and hands it to me. “I believe you. This should work this afternoon.”

So thank you Rob P. for not defeating me today. I really really really appreciate it. Even though they didn’t collect tickets on the way home and in reality I didn’t need it at all.


One thought on “Thanks, Rob.

  1. *clapclapclap* for you, for making it through all that. I’m so, so, so glad most of our snow is gone. Of course, now the river is about to burst it’s banks, but we’ll deal with that when/if that happens.

    And another *clapclapclap* for Rob P, train conductor extraordinaire!

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