A Package? For Moi?


During the snow day last week when I sat around and played Cat, I bought some new yarn. It’s possible I got carried away and bought 15 colors… I rarely buy yarn without a purpose. Even if I don’t know what it will be, I usually buy a sweaters worth, I rarely have yarn sitting around and wonder what to do with it. It stresses me out to have things I don’t know what they’ll be. (It’s incredibly easy to stress me out. Really. You’re probably doing it right now) I will never be a yarn stasher of epic proportions, the kind with a yarn shop in the spare bedroom. Not least because I will unlikely ever have that much extra space. And also because I’d be rocking in a corner of that room.

The one exception is yarn for fair isle. I don’t feel bad about having fair isle yarn. I have about 10 colors of Satakieli for various Latvian mittens and hats, I love that stuff. I now have about 24 colors of Jamieson’s Shetland 2-ply Spindrift. I can never have enough colors of this stuff. It is not super soft, it is fuzzy, warm, the best word for it is cozy. The way you can mix the colors is amazing. I love color to no end. I love naming colors. There is a co-worker who has an unusually large buttondown shirt collection of various colors and I love that one is robbins egg blue, one is eggplant, one is sofa patterned (he insists it’s a loveseat…)… If I had my way, I’d have them all now, but trying to be reasonable, I buy a few new colors every year and am building the collection up. And, in true geek fashion, I’ve got a color card started in case I run out of one and need it. You know, just in case. ‘Cause I’m like that.

color card

And because I couldn’t wait to try it out, I grabbed the greys and browns, and the awesome new golds and rusts and sunrise (which is a deep red… I think sunrise of being more gold/orange?) and tried out a pattern from my Traditional Fair Isle Knitting book, which I love to death. So much for trendier knitting, hunh?

trying out some shetland

I have a great plan though, to use the traditional pattern and take Venezia knitting pattern, with long sleeves of course, I’m too cold blooded for 3/4 sleeves. But with any luck it’ll be a trendier twist on a fair isle sweater.


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