A Great Snow Day

365.12 scraps

Wednesday was the best snow day I’ve had since I was 10. It snowed so much work closed. This morning all the trees looked like Dr. Seuss trees, with big puffy white snow piles on them and all wobbly under the weight. We spent an hour or two shoveling out, we had spaghetti and grandma’s meat sauce for dinner, and I didn’t get out of my jammies except when shoveling (then I wore snowpants). So as not to waste the day, I was up at 7:30, watching the news as those poor saps stood outside trying to think of something to say besides that they really were miserable out there in the driving snow, and what had they done so wrong in a past life to deserve such a job. I finished a little project I’d started last week while watching them and drinking tea and thinking once again how lucky I am.

handspun reading mitts rolled

These are fingerless mitts made out of handspun yarn. To be honest, I’ve never really understood the fingerless mitts thing. Everyone makes them, in fact makes several and declares they need another pair. To me it’s always seemed that someone started out making mittens then though oh screw it, I’m tired of these… However, a few months ago I found myself thinking, man, the bedroom is kinda cold. I like to read before bed, in bed, and to be honest, I fought the thought, but it occurred to me was what I needed was fingerless mitts. And then a few weeks ago I pulled out some wool that I’d bought a year ago on Etsy and I loved the colors and it was so soft, so I spun it up. I miscalculated my thickness and instead of ending up with 400 yds of fingering weight, I ended up with 200 yards of sportish. Drat. It then occurred to me to put the ideas together. I know. I’m so smart.

handspun reading mitts

These are not typically my colors, but I do like them. The silk in them makes them shiny and the alpaca makes them warm. Still not my most favorite item, but they were quick and I must admit, I am beginning to see why one might want a pair of these…


2 thoughts on “A Great Snow Day

  1. Ha. What got me started on fingerless mitts was using the computer in a freezing cold room, while hubby says he’s plenty warm, don’t turn up the heat.

    Sheen on your yarn, very nice.

  2. Fingerless mittens are something you need to experience to understand, I think. I didn’t get it either, until I made a pair. I love yours, they look super cosy.

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