Crewel Indeed

365.3 crewel

On New Years Day, I enjoyed the second annual watching of the BBC Pride and Prejudice all the way through, while working the pockets of my honeycomb sweater. It’s done in episode length segments, each starting with the opening credits shown over needlework. I admit I know nothing about it so maybe it’s a specific type of embroidery, but I had an urge to get out some crewel thread and an emboridery hoop and try out a few things. I am terrible. But I like it. I think I’ll try to learn to do that this year. Maybe a good summer project, when sitting with wool on my lap comes just after the last thing I want to do. I’ve been inspired by others work (here by Kate Davies, who, despite saying Colin Firth has a potato face, I greatly admire), as well as a desire to try my hand at some Polish Embroidery. My fathers family is Polish and on a trip to Poland a few years ago, I’d asked for some books on embroidery or traditional clothing or crafts, and they brought me back two books. They are in Polish, so I have no idea what it actually says, but they are region by region traditional formal dress, with a map and numbers, so I can tell what clothes come from which area. I’d love to try to replicate some of those motifs on something useful, I think it would be awesome to put a peacock on the hem of a skirt. Or copy some of the Polish papercuts I have like these in embroidery, I think they’d look really neat as pillows for framed.

Above paper cut image from the Polish Art Center.

This all involves me improving my skills past the sketchy display above. But I’ll try it out. I’ve got a few colors of crewel yarn, and I’ll be ordering more and some more appropriate cloth and needles from Wool and Hoop, whose website I find inspiring. Type “the new crewel” into flickr’s search and you’ll be super impressed and inspired and wish you were a lady of leisure. Happy Friday to all.


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