Oh the colors!

365.5 yarn on the bobbin

I’ve gotten back to spinning the past few days, which is great. I love watching the colors change, it’s very soothing. And looks very pretty. Sometimes I just let it spin on the bobbin and look at it it’s so pretty. These colors are some of my favorites, I think this is my new favorite way of dying wool to get the colors I like. And lots of them.

This, my friends, sadly is probably the best photos you’ll get for a while. It is a cruel cruel thing to start this 365 project in January. When there is no sunlight anyways, and certainly not when you’re home. Especially when you still suck at taking pictures. I happened to be home for lunch today for a totally different reason, and on my way back out the door, I remembered that this is the case and got at least one good photo. Happy Day.


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