Happy New Year!

happy new year

Happy New Year! 2010 wasn’t all bad, it really wasn’t bad for us at all, for which I am grateful. I’m not much of a resolutioner, therefore I have no resolutions to share. Looking back I have a bunch of things I did this year that could count as accomplishments, including my first fiber show as a vendor, sewing from a pattern for the first time since middle school home economics, a few new sweaters (with another finished today, just out of time to count as 2010), some comebacks from running followed by layoffs again, hopefully for the last time. Also bought a DSLR and am learning how to play with that. Harrison Wheelworks was a great success this year and I look forward to keeping that going.

FO 2010

I’m hoping 2011 comes with a return for real to running, a few forays into trendier knitting (less traditional stuff, I want to make a few new things), spin a bunch, and improve my 3 ply sock yarns, which are currently hit or miss. And a photo a day, hopefully improving my photography (which will either make the blog more interesting to see, or make it into a “here’s my cat sleeping… again” type blog, which would be far worse). That’s about it.

And I’m almost finished the honeycomb sweater, photos to come soon. The zipper is in (the zipper! My first zipper! I shouldn’t be as excited that I didn’t screw it up as I am…) and I’m just knitting up some pockets tonight. While watching Pride and Prejudice. You know. The one with Collin Firth. Sigh.

Happy New Year!


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year!

    A not-screwed-up zipper is plenty to be excited about. I think my first zipper took 3 goes to get it right. Ahem.

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