Merry Christmas!

ready for christmas

Christmas was a great success, with lots of yummy food and good company and a great time with family. We were very lucky to get a bunch of new things, which is always fun! Including a few new camera toys, which is great since I’m going to try and do the 365 Project next year, and really get better at photography. I love looking through other peoples projects, it looks like fun. I was particularly pleased with the wrapping on my little bro’s brew store gift certificate.

chilly beer bottle

How cute is that! I kind of want to knit a bunch of them, for no particular reason. I could too, I’m off for a whole week and tomorrow night is supposed to snow around a foot. Can’t wait! (This is only because I have no where to go on Monday. Otherwise there’d be a lot of swearing going on.) Here’s hoping everyone else had great a Christmas also! I’m heading to the couch to finish the sleeve on that honeycomb sweater and begin contemplating pockets for it.


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