First Snow

first snow2

It started snowing this afternoon, and it looked nice out the window at work. It was nice then, not as nice when it was really slippery on the drive home… which took an hour. Salt is a great thing. Use it. Walked to the library for my knitting groups Christmas party, in the snow. It was a blowy cold snow, but it’s so nice and quiet. The roads were quiet, I’m assuming people who made it out were in no rush to go out again, the snow muffled all the sounds, the light bouncing off the snow in the air and on the ground made it almost bright as day. Walked home in the blowy cold too. And even with the long commute, and the blowy cold walk, I’m very happy it’s snowing. It’s not enough to really be a pain to shovel and park in, but enough to feel a little christmas-y and feel like cozing up with some tea.

Happy First Snow!


One thought on “First Snow

  1. Yay snow! I’m about ready for it to stop snowing. I need to drive to my parents’ on Thursday, and motorists do such odd things in the snow! I sort of dread the trip.

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