Feels Like Christmas

On Tuesday, my little car went with my husband to get it’s snow tires put on and oil changed. I could have taken the commuter rail to work, and had a great cold walk in the early morning to the station… Or, I could have stayed home and taken a vacation day. Guess which I chose. I had the great fortune to discover that I didn’t understand how vacation time worked at my company and I in fact had one extra day (in addition to the two I’d saved already in case it snows and I want to drink hot cocoa in my jammies) that I didn’t know about, so it’s almost like it was free. (In my strange time accounting system, this works. Just go with it.) So I got up early, watched the news and ate breakfast, sat around, doodled on line, watched a Christmas movie (Elf. Hilarious). Called several PT places in search of the perfect person to make my leg work right again.

Christmas Movies

Also, went shopping. To my great excitement, there is a new Anthropologie within walking distance of my house. I cannot even explain the self control that made me leave there with only a gift. Not one for me. Sad. When I got home, I made hot chocolate, somehow feeling I’d earned it. I made it the right way, with milk and chocolate.

hot chocolate

Then settled on the couch for another movie (Christmas in Connecticut. If you like old movies, it’s pretty funny.) During these movies, I’ve almost finished sleeve #1 of the honeycomb sweater (or the Estes Not-Vest).

a sleeve!

(It’s blurry. Sorry).

And it was a cold day, felt good to be warm under a blanket. And it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas, but it’s getting there. I remember walking around in the woods with my then boyfriend, now husband a year or two after graduating college, and remarking that it didn’t feel like Christmas. I loved Christmas, but when you’re in a new situation, first season out of college, or in college, or whatever, it’s different, things aren’t familiar, nothing is as it was. And it doesn’t feel the way you think it should. He, being two years older and wiser, said, yeah, but it will. And, irritatingly, he’s right. You make new traditions, recognize new things that happen every year in your new life, and things again feel like they should. Sitting watching Christmas movies and knitting and drinking hot chocolate is awfully close.


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