Tree – Check.

Sunday was tree day. I visited with my grandmother and a few aunts and uncles and got my grandmothers tree decorated, which was great. Then came home and got our own tree decorated.
Greg picked up the tree this year and it is the cutest fattest little tree. It smells great and is holding all needles really well. Last years tree was bought down the street from the, as it turns out, drunk boy scout/sea scouts lot. It was funny but only because the inebriated guy with the chainsaw didn’t cut anything besides the tree stump. (Btw, what is a sea scout? We have a great time making up what a sea scout is but I actually have no idea what it is.)

ollie tree decorating2

Ollie The Cat was pretty bored with the whole thing, but we had fun and it’s much more Christmas-y here. And there are knitting marshmallows on my tree, so things are going pretty well…

knitting marshmallow


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