Progress in Purple

It appears I’m on a purple kick.

Purple singles ready to be plied. The two on the right are my own dye job, the one of the left (there is another bobbin of singles also) is a sparkly shiny batt from corgi hill farms and was super fun to spin. Somehow I don’t think I’m a purple or a sparklies person but then again I just painted my nails sparkly brown, so I think all bets might be off. The batt was merino, silk and angelica and is really soft.

purple singles

purple sparklies

Also progress is made on my purple sweater. I spent last weekend and Monday night knit night putting on the interminable i-cord which goes down one front, around the bottom and back up the other front. Looks great. Was not fun. It then got put down and avoided because the inertia to get the calculator out and find out how many stitches it would take to get 13″ at 18 st/3.5″ was just too much. It took me 30 seconds. Once I did that, in about 3 hours I had the sleeve cap knit and am now onto the arm. I had 160 grams of yarn, so I’m hoping one arm will take slightly less than 80 grams, which might be tight but I think it’ll work.

short row sleeve cap

I’m also using the opportunity to try again to like magic loop. I prefer dp’s but I don’t have metal size 6 and my gauge on wooden is often different and I really just want this to be done, so I’m trying to like magic loop, maybe this will wear me down. Otherwise I’m off to buy yet another set of needles.


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