800+ Cookies

Per recent tradition, my sister and I have held out third annual cookie party extravaganza. The first year, there were 3 or 4 kinds. Last year there were at least 6. This year, with the upping of the ante of moving the party to my parents kitchen, which contains two ovens, there were 11 types. That, my friends, is at least 800 cookies.
It started, as all good cookie parties do, with two mixers and a shit ton of butter.

butter and eggs

dueling mixers

ooohhh shiney

We proceeded for the next 6 hours to make cookies.

making some cookies

We made:
(mini) Giant Molasses Ginger cookies
Peanut Butter blossoms
sugar cookies
poppy seed shortbread
early grey tea cookies
chocolate chip shortbread
lemon blobby things
cinnamon wreaths
spritz cookies
peppermint bark cookie
brown sugar icebox cookies

peanut butter kisses

By the end, the cat was confused, I looked like this (that apron started very clean):

pleased as punch

and we both ordered a pizza, put on a movie, and poured ourselves some Sam Adams Fizziwigs.

Oh, and 800+ cookies? They look like this:

cookies 2


The eating season, it has begun.


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