advent 12-1

I am one of those rare people who loves November and December. I love Thanksgiving. I love the fall colors and I love the cold. At least in the beginning, which November and December is. By February I’ve had it, but somehow every year, I look forward to the cold dark nights. It means flannel sheets and tea and slippers, a point to all that knitting. And Christmas, I love Christmas. More the Christmas season. Maybe because I don’t do the parts that people hate. I don’t do malls. I don’t do crazy shopping. I do cookies. And Christmas movies and music. And trees and lights and I get SUPER excited about the week off that I’ll have after Christmas. I am even starting to like ham. I love the concept of holiday spirit and goodwill towards man. I love that Christmas is when it is because they were trying to one up the solstice. People have celebrated at this time of year forever. Literally. It’s dark and cold and what the hell, lets have a party with lights and present to pep ourselves up. And I love the chocolate in my Advent calender.

advent door 1

It’s especially good this year. My mother, despite being 29 years old, still finds it imperative that she provide me with one and I’m not one to turn it down. I think part of the reason I love the season is the feeling it comes with, cultivated carefully by my mother who loves decorating the house, is probably hanging 16 wreathes from her house right this second, and has always made it a warm and cozy time of year. I think of sleeping in front of the fireplace (on the floor, that was my spot) while my dad is zonked out from a long day with big band music playing on the radio. And sitting on the window seat above the steam heating radiator, something about retractable pencils? Who knows. But it’s a good time of year for memories.

The radio stations who have been playing Christmas music for the past 4 weeks have kinda made the music seem repulsive and make Christmas seem all commercial (Charlie Brown was totally right). But just ignore all that crap and it’s actually a great time of year.

And I did get some knitting done over the holiday, my Honeycomb sweater has its front and back together, the finishing done on the pockets (but no pockets yet, I’m going to use fabric instead of knitting the insides. I don’t need my waist looking any bulkier, thankyouverymuch.) The collar is on and I’m picking up for the i-cord right now. When that’s done I’ll add sleeves. It’s supposed to be vest, but I’m thinking (due to the aforementioned cold) that sleeves, if I have enough yarn which I expect to, would be very helpful.

putting on the icord


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  1. Yay for Advent calenders! I’ve got two, because I operating under the (erroneous) assumption that my mother wouldn’t get me one this year.

    And yes, sleeves might help with the cold.

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