Making Good Use of the Snow

picnic anyone

Last night into this morning we got somewhere around 16″ of snow. It’s hard to tell with the winds, but it’s a lot of snow. Last night we waited until we had enough on the ground then headed out with our cross country skis. It wasn’t the most comfortable ski, but probably one of the most fun.

xc skiing at night

It was awesome. I love when the snow dampens every sound, obviously no one had shoveled, with another 12″ on the way, so we could ski along on the sidewalk to the path near our house then ski on that towards some soccer fields. We did a few laps around the soccer fields. 75% of the lap was awesome, but the one leg where you’re heading into the wind and being pelted with little ice/snow bits is pretty miserable. But everyone who was out (which was a surprising number, given that we were in the middle of a blizzard) walking dogs or just walking themselves was in a great mood and very pleasant. We astounded a man who was watching the storm from his porch who have never seen anyone ski down his street before. It was so fun that after I shoveled out this morning, I gave up my precious parking spot to go a few towns away where there are trails and went again. Here’s me in the wind tunnel (a field that needed crossing to get to the trails)

me skiing

I kid you not, it was incredibly windy. See the snow storm (sand storm style) on the field?

wind tunnel 2

The woods were beautiful, really. I’m not usually as impressed, and in February I’m sure it won’t be quite so pleasing to see, but the snow on the trees and the trails was really calming. And on the way home, came across some sunflowers who were somehow still standing despite the wind and snow.

sunflower in winter

Pretty cool.


Merry Christmas!

ready for christmas

Christmas was a great success, with lots of yummy food and good company and a great time with family. We were very lucky to get a bunch of new things, which is always fun! Including a few new camera toys, which is great since I’m going to try and do the 365 Project next year, and really get better at photography. I love looking through other peoples projects, it looks like fun. I was particularly pleased with the wrapping on my little bro’s brew store gift certificate.

chilly beer bottle

How cute is that! I kind of want to knit a bunch of them, for no particular reason. I could too, I’m off for a whole week and tomorrow night is supposed to snow around a foot. Can’t wait! (This is only because I have no where to go on Monday. Otherwise there’d be a lot of swearing going on.) Here’s hoping everyone else had great a Christmas also! I’m heading to the couch to finish the sleeve on that honeycomb sweater and begin contemplating pockets for it.

First Snow

first snow2

It started snowing this afternoon, and it looked nice out the window at work. It was nice then, not as nice when it was really slippery on the drive home… which took an hour. Salt is a great thing. Use it. Walked to the library for my knitting groups Christmas party, in the snow. It was a blowy cold snow, but it’s so nice and quiet. The roads were quiet, I’m assuming people who made it out were in no rush to go out again, the snow muffled all the sounds, the light bouncing off the snow in the air and on the ground made it almost bright as day. Walked home in the blowy cold too. And even with the long commute, and the blowy cold walk, I’m very happy it’s snowing. It’s not enough to really be a pain to shovel and park in, but enough to feel a little christmas-y and feel like cozing up with some tea.

Happy First Snow!

Feels Like Christmas

On Tuesday, my little car went with my husband to get it’s snow tires put on and oil changed. I could have taken the commuter rail to work, and had a great cold walk in the early morning to the station… Or, I could have stayed home and taken a vacation day. Guess which I chose. I had the great fortune to discover that I didn’t understand how vacation time worked at my company and I in fact had one extra day (in addition to the two I’d saved already in case it snows and I want to drink hot cocoa in my jammies) that I didn’t know about, so it’s almost like it was free. (In my strange time accounting system, this works. Just go with it.) So I got up early, watched the news and ate breakfast, sat around, doodled on line, watched a Christmas movie (Elf. Hilarious). Called several PT places in search of the perfect person to make my leg work right again.

Christmas Movies

Also, went shopping. To my great excitement, there is a new Anthropologie within walking distance of my house. I cannot even explain the self control that made me leave there with only a gift. Not one for me. Sad. When I got home, I made hot chocolate, somehow feeling I’d earned it. I made it the right way, with milk and chocolate.

hot chocolate

Then settled on the couch for another movie (Christmas in Connecticut. If you like old movies, it’s pretty funny.) During these movies, I’ve almost finished sleeve #1 of the honeycomb sweater (or the Estes Not-Vest).

a sleeve!

(It’s blurry. Sorry).

And it was a cold day, felt good to be warm under a blanket. And it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas, but it’s getting there. I remember walking around in the woods with my then boyfriend, now husband a year or two after graduating college, and remarking that it didn’t feel like Christmas. I loved Christmas, but when you’re in a new situation, first season out of college, or in college, or whatever, it’s different, things aren’t familiar, nothing is as it was. And it doesn’t feel the way you think it should. He, being two years older and wiser, said, yeah, but it will. And, irritatingly, he’s right. You make new traditions, recognize new things that happen every year in your new life, and things again feel like they should. Sitting watching Christmas movies and knitting and drinking hot chocolate is awfully close.

Tree – Check.

Sunday was tree day. I visited with my grandmother and a few aunts and uncles and got my grandmothers tree decorated, which was great. Then came home and got our own tree decorated.
Greg picked up the tree this year and it is the cutest fattest little tree. It smells great and is holding all needles really well. Last years tree was bought down the street from the, as it turns out, drunk boy scout/sea scouts lot. It was funny but only because the inebriated guy with the chainsaw didn’t cut anything besides the tree stump. (Btw, what is a sea scout? We have a great time making up what a sea scout is but I actually have no idea what it is.)

ollie tree decorating2

Ollie The Cat was pretty bored with the whole thing, but we had fun and it’s much more Christmas-y here. And there are knitting marshmallows on my tree, so things are going pretty well…

knitting marshmallow

Progress in Purple

It appears I’m on a purple kick.

Purple singles ready to be plied. The two on the right are my own dye job, the one of the left (there is another bobbin of singles also) is a sparkly shiny batt from corgi hill farms and was super fun to spin. Somehow I don’t think I’m a purple or a sparklies person but then again I just painted my nails sparkly brown, so I think all bets might be off. The batt was merino, silk and angelica and is really soft.

purple singles

purple sparklies

Also progress is made on my purple sweater. I spent last weekend and Monday night knit night putting on the interminable i-cord which goes down one front, around the bottom and back up the other front. Looks great. Was not fun. It then got put down and avoided because the inertia to get the calculator out and find out how many stitches it would take to get 13″ at 18 st/3.5″ was just too much. It took me 30 seconds. Once I did that, in about 3 hours I had the sleeve cap knit and am now onto the arm. I had 160 grams of yarn, so I’m hoping one arm will take slightly less than 80 grams, which might be tight but I think it’ll work.

short row sleeve cap

I’m also using the opportunity to try again to like magic loop. I prefer dp’s but I don’t have metal size 6 and my gauge on wooden is often different and I really just want this to be done, so I’m trying to like magic loop, maybe this will wear me down. Otherwise I’m off to buy yet another set of needles.

Here We Go Again


Totally had planned at this point in the year to be doing the thing on the right, namely planning next years marathon and running. Instead, I’m doing the thing on the left, namely not running and advil-ing the inflammation out of my hamstring/adductor. Stupid hamstring/adductor. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to do some knitting instead. This will, however put a damper on fitting into those new jeans I just bought due to possible overeating of previously stated 800 christmas cookies… Dreaming of running marathons. Maybe I’ll make it to the start line next fall yet…