Nothing Like Darning a Sock to Pep up a Sunday Night

Last weekend was stupid busy. It was great to see everyone and visit and be busy but by the end of it I just wanted to sit down for a while. And I found a hole in a second handknit sock, which warrented finally digging out the darning egg I bought a while ago. I’ve been super excited to try it out, but too lazy to dig it out for one sock. But two, ha, that’s totally worth it. I dug it out, along with the corresponding yarns for the two socks and darned away.

darning socks

I’m sure this is way way way less exciting when you HAVE to do it as opposed to do it as a novelty, but it was very satisfying to make this:

green sock with a hole

into this:

she fixed it

I’m sure this didn’t hurt.

black and white wine

Kate Davies of Needled fame had several posts about make do and mend, and I have to say I totally agree. We are so much of a throwaway society that were they not handknit socks, I would have probably just said, oh well, socks are done. I’ve been making an effort to fix before tossing, recycle if at all possible, and use things through. In this case, totally worth it!

Of course the internet then shit the bed and took an hour to figure out I couldn’t fix it, and there went the relaxing part of the night, but for a few minutes there, it was really relaxing!


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