Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s happy birthday to me day, which is exciting. I’ve gone for a short run, cleaned some bottles for beer bottling, and painted my toenails. Working on some socks, and going out for Indian food tonight. I usually make goals for the year to come, like reading a book a month (which I usually make but this year is a total failure) but I’m stumped this year. I’m planning on doing the 365 project starting January 1st, and toying with the idea of a line a day journal for year 29 (which is what is starting today). Something to record what happened that year, it’s always fun to look back and see what you’ve done over a year.

We had a great Thanksgiving, sadly no Turkey Trot for the second year in a row, something having gone tweeky with my leg, but I did watch the Macy’s parade while riding my trusty bike. This confuses me because I’ve never seen the point of the parade, but my mother always has it on and somehow it’s familiar and is something that means Thanksgiving.


We brought the rolls and the chutney (that’s not tomato sauce, just a tomato sauce jar).


And it was a great day. I hope yours was, and you’re recovering from the meal and family time!



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