Warm Food for a Cold Day

Sunday was a busy day (so was Saturday, but what’s new), and it was a cold day. I was able to do my first 6 mile run in over a year, which was so exciting. It was cold out, I wore my running tights for the first time this season but it felt so good to be out in the cold air. I actually had a plan for dinner, I like soup on cold days, so we had French Onion Soup.


Yes. Those are swim goggles. Yes. I wear them when I cut up a lot of onions. Yes, I know I look ridiculous. Any further questions? You know you secretly think it’s a far better idea than cutting off your fingers because you can’t see because you’re crying.


These made the most delicious soup, with stink Gruyere cheese on the french bread made the soup, it was great. I was running out of steam, but since I was in the kitchen stirring the onions anyways, I figured I’d make the Cranberry Chutney for Thanksgiving while I was at it.



This was delicious also. And it certainly warmed up the kitchen.

Now I just have to make 40 rolls and make it through the rest of the work week and we’re home free.


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