Long Week

This week was one of those where every day I swear it can’t be anyday but Saturday. As evidence, I offer my morning.

Since I was staying later at work, I figured I’d run in the morning before work to get it done. Last night I packed my bag, lunch, breakfast, got my clothes out. This morning I got up, got dressed, drove to work, and ran there. (Insert rant here about creepy people that make running in the dark at 5:45 am impossible who ruin other people’s schedules. End rant.) Those of you good at math will figure this out much faster than I did at 6:20 this morning. I figure, I’ll run for 45 minutes total. So I go and I start running. Having a great time, weather was nice, it was cool, I got onto some quiet roads, all was well. I ran and ran, and my GPS watch tells me I’m doing just under 9 minute miles. Great, I think, I’ll do just over 5 miles total in my 45 minutes. I’m heading up the hill, look at my watch, and it says 22 minutes. Cool, 3 more minutes then I’ll turn around. I go ahead, look at my watch, 25 minutes, 2.8 miles. Funny, how can that be if I expected to be about 5 miles total and my GPS still says the same pace? Oh well, GPS must be wrong. Turn around, get about half a mile from work and see my watch tell me 45 minutes. Hunh, that’s wierd, how did that happen? Finished 5.6 miles in 49 minutes and change. It wasn’t until I was telling this story to a co-worker that I figured out what’s wrong…
Co-Worker: How was your run?
Me: Great! It was nice out. This funny thing happened though.
CW: What happened?
Me: Well, I was trying to run for 45 minutes and turned around at 25 minutes…. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Guys, what is half of 45? I’ll give you a hint. Not 25. It was the kind of morning where simple math is just not possible.

I took a nap when I got home and am now sitting down with my wine and some wools to try and erase the day and get ready to make it through one more getup.

long week

The wool in the bowl is a grab off of all the dyed wool I have, all mixed up randomly, at the request of a brilliant customer. It’s coming out great, and it’s really fun. I suspect it will satisfy my limited mental capacity tonight. Almost there, just one more getup.



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