Busy Weekend

Last Friday, half an hour after getting home from work, we were on our way to the airport to go visit some family. We had a great time. I knit on the front of my sweater on the way down, then realized why it looked so funny and re-did it on the way back. We went to Villanova to visit my littlest bro, and I was again wishing I were back in college. Especially in the dining hall where someone had nicely cut up all the veggies I could want on my salad for me already. Much easier that way.

We went, as my mom would say, out on the actual basketball court, which was fun. Much smaller than it looks on TV, as always.


Then to the football game.


Then home for Ron’s famous ribs and a bonfire. My aunt went off roading with her walker for the first time in years to have her first s’more and it was a great night.


So even though we were zonked last night after getting home, I’m very glad we went. Littlest bro seems very happy, and we had a great visit. Now I need to nap for a week or so… Greg’s bottling some oak bourbon porter tonight, which should make for a good holiday season.


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