Random Wednesday

a) As it turns out, yesterday was idiot driver day. I watched as 5 drivers drove AROUND me at a crosswalk I’d stopped at to let a kid cross. Like I was sitting there, in the middle of the road, at a cross walk, because I’d forgotten where I was going or something. This was within the first half mile. The rest of the drive did not get better.

2.) Finished a few new yarns, up for sale at the shop.



Thirdly) My husband has recently bought a banjo. I like it. It’s just really… twangy.

Lastly) Man, the time change has kicked my butt. It is dark pretty much anytime I’m not here, which makes photo taking challenging.

PS) I made chicken bouillabaisse on Monday. It is amazing. I have no idea why I didn’t know it was so good. I’ll be making it again.


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