Things have been very productive. Last week spun up two yarns, which will be up in the shop this week (one reserved). I’ve been trying to get in the groove of spinning more days than not to stock the shop for the holidays, which are coming (although not soon enough for those of us who haven’t had a day off since Labor Day). Since it’s now dark before I get home, I’ll show a picture of what will be plied tonight, hopefully accompanied by a good movie. I’ve got The Philadelphia Story out from Netflix, which I hope will be really good. I’ve been on a classic movie kick. I think it’s the cold weather.



Also we have a chicken bouillabaisse on the stove for tonight. I didn’t have the recipe and thought I had everything, but am missing fennel seeds and some kind of anise liquor. Someday I’ll remember to make a list before I go to work instead of trying to remember. I had this great plan where I’d make the list of dinners for the week, write down a grocery list, and be all set. And it worked for about 3 weeks, then I got all lazy and now have a general plan for the week, but no list. I’ve got to get back on the horse. I have this plan where Sunday night I make my list, but as it turns out, Sunday is exactly the time when I don’t want to make a grocery list, and by Monday it’s too late, giant fail. Gotta work on my timing.


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