Sugary Saturday Morning

Friday I talked about brownies and caramel, and I got as far as the brownies before crashing into bed. So Saturday Morning was for frosting the brownies (grandma’s brownies have mint butter cream frosting and melted chocolate on them) and the caramels. The brownie recipe, real not from box brownies, were made using the pioneer woman’s recipe, which was delicious!


frosted brownies

The caramels I used the recipe found here, and I ended up making two batches. The first, I swear the sugar got way too hot, and they didn’t release from the aluminum foil in any way that could be called neat, but were delicious. The second batch, I swear didn’t get too hot, and ended up releasing very well, but being more hard, like toffee, not soft like caramel. The soft ones got wrapped up individually and are delicious.


Half of both were taken to their intended destination, and are thankfully out of the house. Because otherwise I’m sure I’d gain a LOT of weight before the eating season even began! The rest of the brownie are hidden rather poorly in the freezer. I make no such promises with the caramels.



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