Nothing Like Darning a Sock to Pep up a Sunday Night

Last weekend was stupid busy. It was great to see everyone and visit and be busy but by the end of it I just wanted to sit down for a while. And I found a hole in a second handknit sock, which warrented finally digging out the darning egg I bought a while ago. I’ve been super excited to try it out, but too lazy to dig it out for one sock. But two, ha, that’s totally worth it. I dug it out, along with the corresponding yarns for the two socks and darned away.

darning socks

I’m sure this is way way way less exciting when you HAVE to do it as opposed to do it as a novelty, but it was very satisfying to make this:

green sock with a hole

into this:

she fixed it

I’m sure this didn’t hurt.

black and white wine

Kate Davies of Needled fame had several posts about make do and mend, and I have to say I totally agree. We are so much of a throwaway society that were they not handknit socks, I would have probably just said, oh well, socks are done. I’ve been making an effort to fix before tossing, recycle if at all possible, and use things through. In this case, totally worth it!

Of course the internet then shit the bed and took an hour to figure out I couldn’t fix it, and there went the relaxing part of the night, but for a few minutes there, it was really relaxing!


Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s happy birthday to me day, which is exciting. I’ve gone for a short run, cleaned some bottles for beer bottling, and painted my toenails. Working on some socks, and going out for Indian food tonight. I usually make goals for the year to come, like reading a book a month (which I usually make but this year is a total failure) but I’m stumped this year. I’m planning on doing the 365 project starting January 1st, and toying with the idea of a line a day journal for year 29 (which is what is starting today). Something to record what happened that year, it’s always fun to look back and see what you’ve done over a year.

We had a great Thanksgiving, sadly no Turkey Trot for the second year in a row, something having gone tweeky with my leg, but I did watch the Macy’s parade while riding my trusty bike. This confuses me because I’ve never seen the point of the parade, but my mother always has it on and somehow it’s familiar and is something that means Thanksgiving.


We brought the rolls and the chutney (that’s not tomato sauce, just a tomato sauce jar).


And it was a great day. I hope yours was, and you’re recovering from the meal and family time!


Warm Food for a Cold Day

Sunday was a busy day (so was Saturday, but what’s new), and it was a cold day. I was able to do my first 6 mile run in over a year, which was so exciting. It was cold out, I wore my running tights for the first time this season but it felt so good to be out in the cold air. I actually had a plan for dinner, I like soup on cold days, so we had French Onion Soup.


Yes. Those are swim goggles. Yes. I wear them when I cut up a lot of onions. Yes, I know I look ridiculous. Any further questions? You know you secretly think it’s a far better idea than cutting off your fingers because you can’t see because you’re crying.


These made the most delicious soup, with stink Gruyere cheese on the french bread made the soup, it was great. I was running out of steam, but since I was in the kitchen stirring the onions anyways, I figured I’d make the Cranberry Chutney for Thanksgiving while I was at it.



This was delicious also. And it certainly warmed up the kitchen.

Now I just have to make 40 rolls and make it through the rest of the work week and we’re home free.

Long Week

This week was one of those where every day I swear it can’t be anyday but Saturday. As evidence, I offer my morning.

Since I was staying later at work, I figured I’d run in the morning before work to get it done. Last night I packed my bag, lunch, breakfast, got my clothes out. This morning I got up, got dressed, drove to work, and ran there. (Insert rant here about creepy people that make running in the dark at 5:45 am impossible who ruin other people’s schedules. End rant.) Those of you good at math will figure this out much faster than I did at 6:20 this morning. I figure, I’ll run for 45 minutes total. So I go and I start running. Having a great time, weather was nice, it was cool, I got onto some quiet roads, all was well. I ran and ran, and my GPS watch tells me I’m doing just under 9 minute miles. Great, I think, I’ll do just over 5 miles total in my 45 minutes. I’m heading up the hill, look at my watch, and it says 22 minutes. Cool, 3 more minutes then I’ll turn around. I go ahead, look at my watch, 25 minutes, 2.8 miles. Funny, how can that be if I expected to be about 5 miles total and my GPS still says the same pace? Oh well, GPS must be wrong. Turn around, get about half a mile from work and see my watch tell me 45 minutes. Hunh, that’s wierd, how did that happen? Finished 5.6 miles in 49 minutes and change. It wasn’t until I was telling this story to a co-worker that I figured out what’s wrong…
Co-Worker: How was your run?
Me: Great! It was nice out. This funny thing happened though.
CW: What happened?
Me: Well, I was trying to run for 45 minutes and turned around at 25 minutes…. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Guys, what is half of 45? I’ll give you a hint. Not 25. It was the kind of morning where simple math is just not possible.

I took a nap when I got home and am now sitting down with my wine and some wools to try and erase the day and get ready to make it through one more getup.

long week

The wool in the bowl is a grab off of all the dyed wool I have, all mixed up randomly, at the request of a brilliant customer. It’s coming out great, and it’s really fun. I suspect it will satisfy my limited mental capacity tonight. Almost there, just one more getup.


Busy Weekend

Last Friday, half an hour after getting home from work, we were on our way to the airport to go visit some family. We had a great time. I knit on the front of my sweater on the way down, then realized why it looked so funny and re-did it on the way back. We went to Villanova to visit my littlest bro, and I was again wishing I were back in college. Especially in the dining hall where someone had nicely cut up all the veggies I could want on my salad for me already. Much easier that way.

We went, as my mom would say, out on the actual basketball court, which was fun. Much smaller than it looks on TV, as always.


Then to the football game.


Then home for Ron’s famous ribs and a bonfire. My aunt went off roading with her walker for the first time in years to have her first s’more and it was a great night.


So even though we were zonked last night after getting home, I’m very glad we went. Littlest bro seems very happy, and we had a great visit. Now I need to nap for a week or so… Greg’s bottling some oak bourbon porter tonight, which should make for a good holiday season.

Random Wednesday

a) As it turns out, yesterday was idiot driver day. I watched as 5 drivers drove AROUND me at a crosswalk I’d stopped at to let a kid cross. Like I was sitting there, in the middle of the road, at a cross walk, because I’d forgotten where I was going or something. This was within the first half mile. The rest of the drive did not get better.

2.) Finished a few new yarns, up for sale at the shop.



Thirdly) My husband has recently bought a banjo. I like it. It’s just really… twangy.

Lastly) Man, the time change has kicked my butt. It is dark pretty much anytime I’m not here, which makes photo taking challenging.

PS) I made chicken bouillabaisse on Monday. It is amazing. I have no idea why I didn’t know it was so good. I’ll be making it again.