I had this great post planned where I made grandma’s brownies and salted caramel. After seeing the pioneer woman’s chocolate caramel brownies, I’ve thought of pretty much nothing else. That’s actually untrue, I’ve thought of whether I want just salted caramel on it’s own, or if it should go on brownies. But whatever, same thing. However, it’s 7 and I haven’t started them yet. So… I’ll show you what I do have…

autumn chocolate

I went to the grocery store on the way home to get the ingredients for the brownies and caramel. The catalyst for the brownies is a baby shower I’m going to tomorrow for which I’m responsible for dessert. Anna’s favorite are the grandma’s brownies, and I’m making caramel because, well, I want it. While at the grocery store, I felt like it was an acceptable time to purchase the annual bag of autumn wrapped hersheys miniatures. Mainly because I always buy these in the fall, and at the last weekend in October, I feel like it’s an ok time.

Really I associate them with Thanksgiving, the best holiday of all time, but it’s pretty close. And, I was in the candy aisle which I typically avoid. I think I have self control, but this is actually not true. If I don’t walk past or buy any candy, it’s fairly easy not to eat anything bad, otherwise, all bets are off. In any case, I bought 4 bags of candy for the kids on Sunday, and one bag for us today. Hopefully I’ll have some brownies and caramel to show for myself by the time the night is through. (Whether I will really need 4 bags of candy is a stretch… but better safe than sorry, right? That’s my story anyways.)
Until then, Happy Friday.


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