I typically swatch by starting with the sleeves. I do a mini swatch to see if I’m close, then I just start the sleeve and hope for the best, and get the gauge off of the sleeve. This time around, since I’m following a pattern, I thought I’d swatch. Swatches are dirty little liars and I fully expect it to not be quite right. But it’s like voting. Politicians lie to get elected, but you have to vote or you can’t complain about who’s in office. Same with swatching. We’ve all knit things based on swatches that turned out three sizes too big or small, but unless we swatch it’s our own damn fault. So, here’s my swatch.

honeycomb swatch3

The honeycomb pattern comes out 20.5 st/4″, not 18 st/4″. So I’ve done some math, and I’m not terrible at math, so it should work. I’m about 2″ in and so far it looks fine, so that’s a good thing. I liked the Estes Vest (Hereafter called Honeycomb Cardigan) since it came out, but I don’t typically wear vests. I’m going to work on this one since I’ve seen some cute vests, however they involve cute shirts, and I just am not good at that sort of thing. So this will have arms, since if I’m wearing a sweater, I’m probably cold, and I want a real live sweater with arms. But we’ll see how this goes. It’s another endeavor away from plain sweaters, which I’ve done a few of and which, while I always think I want to knit something mindless, I get bored with it. This is entertaining so far, and on size 8 needles so it’s going relatively fast.

The yarn is the Seacolors purple I spoke about here. It’s really very soft and squishy, somewhat rugged but soft. I love it.



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