A New Hat


Here’s my new hat! I made Greg a hat last year which is totally him. It’s a fair isle hat, muted greens and browns, simple 3 5 and 7 row peerie patterns, and it’s so very him. Simplicity (in the best way possible), calming, relaxed. This one is so very me. Orange, yellow, and red, 12, 13, 15 row patterns. Fussy and busy and a little crazy. (And I didn’t realize it doesn’t go with my Owl sweater, so ignore the bright pink sweater. I was at the beach and fashion is not high down there.) For my whole life, I had this strange characteristic of not wanting to stand out, but loving yellow, orange and red. I didn’t want to be called on in class, god forbid someone I don’t know talk to me, I’d pretty much want to just crawl under a table. I’ve come out of my shell a bit in the past few years, and grown into my colors. It’s much better this way anyways. Talking to yourself gets boring and only makes you crazier.




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