While the beach is fantastic in the summer, there’s something very very nice about the cape in the fall. The air is cool, crisp, the light is perfect, and it’s quiet. Most of the summer people (including most of the time us) are not there, and you feel like you have the place to yourself. Sunday was 60 and sunny, not too windy, perfect weather. I took a little trip to the village and took a few photos.

Mattapoisett was a shipbuilding town in the early 1800’s. Many of the houses in the village are from that original settlement, and I absolutely love the names that the historical society has put on the houses to denote who built it and when. Nye, Caleb, Ebenezer, Milachi, great stuff.


The bakery has moved from the village, but is adorable and has the best sandwiches and cookies and bear claws you’ll find for a long while.


The Inn (which used to be the Mattapoisett Inn and is now called the Kinsale Inn) is the oldest continuously functioning seaside inn in the country. The fair is a little heavy for the summer, but the porch is a great place for a drink. While tamer now, it was apparently the place to be when my aunts and uncles were growing up (being the only place in town, I suppose that’s not a surprise).


A mushroom and some rusty chains. End of season must have pulled that one up.


We went for a walk around the point at sunset and had a generally great weekend. Yes, that’s my new hat, I have some better photos for it’s own post this week. Sad to have to go home, but it was nice to get away. The sweater is blocking on the floor, hopefully I can get some photos soon!




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