Super Duper Random Wednesday

a) I’ve been spinning a bunch lately, the result of this is so nice I wants it for myself… but I will be good. It’ll be up in the shop soon.

yarn becoming

2) I am seriously considering getting manicures more regularly.

iii.) It’s the last week of our CSA and we got honey!! WOOT!! I love honey. I admit to sometimes eating it with a spoon.

lastly) Scooter the cat has some unnatural dislike of having her picture taken. The past few times she’s encountered a flash I’ve gotten punished with presents in the morning. This is both really annoying and somewhat funny. I’ve gotten away with this photo with no flash, she didn’t even know what was happening (he he).


P.S.) We bottled out winter beer, called holiday cheer, involving cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg and ginger. Smells delish, I hope it tastes that way, we’ll be unveiling it at Thanksgiving if all goes well. We’ve got a smoked bourbon porter in the fermenter right now… that should be delish.


In other news, the sweater has one and a third sleeves! WOOT!! Hopefully photos this weekend.


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