Good Weekend

Started out planning on heading to the cape, but being still sick, and Greg being exhausted from the week, we decided to stay home. Instead we went to Newburyport in search of galleries. It was an awesome day. The weather was great, there are some fantastic galleries in Newburyport, and we played with the new camera.


Aside from the galleries, there’s a fantastic barn with antiques of all sorts there. I love sorting through the stuff there, there’s a lot of things you’d never want, but some pretty cool stuff. I found a cast iron skillet, 8″ which is exactly what I’ve been meaning to buy anyways, a bicycle for decorating with, and my two favorites, a darning egg, and a jar of old leather buttons.



These are exactly the sort of buttons I’d wanted for my new sweater (still one arm almost done and one pitifully not yet started), so it was a particularly timely score.

Back to work for those of us without Columbus Day off, but enjoy it if you’ve got it!


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