Productivity Increase

I, like most people, spend a fair amount of time online. This is fine, I think the internet is great. Besides great entertainment, I don’t remember how to get movie times or phone numbers or addrsses without it, or for that matter find an address without google maps. Sometimes, though, it’s just sucking my time into a great black hole. Like when I catch myself checking email every 20 minutes, as if someone would email me something urgently at 8 PM. (Maybe this would happen to you, but there is a 0.1% chance it would ever happen to me). Scanning blogs, in reality though, is my biggest time suck, since there are so many blogs out there with great pictures, usually touting their latest sweater they finished or gloves or whatever.

Now there are two things that typically escape me at this point. The first thing that escapes me is the dates. I scroll through and think “man! Look at all these things this person knit! Super productive!! Why can’t I be that productive!” I fail to note that the dates span years. The other thing that escapes me (this one is both more subtle and more obvious at the same time) is that while scrolling through all these photos, I am not knitting. I am amassing ideas and inspiration and wishing I had time to do all these new ideas, and what I’m really doing is not knitting. If I stopped mindlessly scanning, I might actually get something done. (Shocker, I know.)

rosamunds cardigan

So on that note, view the progress I’ve made which not checking my email for the 14th time that day allows. The body is mostly done, a few more inches then move onto the sleeves, which I hope will be quick. I don’t mind sleeves much so it should be done in a week or two. Having a great time with it, I love the yarn, I am liking the reversable cables and I love using my sheepie stitchmarkers, from here

sheepie stitch markers



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