Happy Halloween!




I had this great post planned where I made grandma’s brownies and salted caramel. After seeing the pioneer woman’s chocolate caramel brownies, I’ve thought of pretty much nothing else. That’s actually untrue, I’ve thought of whether I want just salted caramel on it’s own, or if it should go on brownies. But whatever, same thing. However, it’s 7 and I haven’t started them yet. So… I’ll show you what I do have…

autumn chocolate

I went to the grocery store on the way home to get the ingredients for the brownies and caramel. The catalyst for the brownies is a baby shower I’m going to tomorrow for which I’m responsible for dessert. Anna’s favorite are the grandma’s brownies, and I’m making caramel because, well, I want it. While at the grocery store, I felt like it was an acceptable time to purchase the annual bag of autumn wrapped hersheys miniatures. Mainly because I always buy these in the fall, and at the last weekend in October, I feel like it’s an ok time.

Really I associate them with Thanksgiving, the best holiday of all time, but it’s pretty close. And, I was in the candy aisle which I typically avoid. I think I have self control, but this is actually not true. If I don’t walk past or buy any candy, it’s fairly easy not to eat anything bad, otherwise, all bets are off. In any case, I bought 4 bags of candy for the kids on Sunday, and one bag for us today. Hopefully I’ll have some brownies and caramel to show for myself by the time the night is through. (Whether I will really need 4 bags of candy is a stretch… but better safe than sorry, right? That’s my story anyways.)
Until then, Happy Friday.


I typically swatch by starting with the sleeves. I do a mini swatch to see if I’m close, then I just start the sleeve and hope for the best, and get the gauge off of the sleeve. This time around, since I’m following a pattern, I thought I’d swatch. Swatches are dirty little liars and I fully expect it to not be quite right. But it’s like voting. Politicians lie to get elected, but you have to vote or you can’t complain about who’s in office. Same with swatching. We’ve all knit things based on swatches that turned out three sizes too big or small, but unless we swatch it’s our own damn fault. So, here’s my swatch.

honeycomb swatch3

The honeycomb pattern comes out 20.5 st/4″, not 18 st/4″. So I’ve done some math, and I’m not terrible at math, so it should work. I’m about 2″ in and so far it looks fine, so that’s a good thing. I liked the Estes Vest (Hereafter called Honeycomb Cardigan) since it came out, but I don’t typically wear vests. I’m going to work on this one since I’ve seen some cute vests, however they involve cute shirts, and I just am not good at that sort of thing. So this will have arms, since if I’m wearing a sweater, I’m probably cold, and I want a real live sweater with arms. But we’ll see how this goes. It’s another endeavor away from plain sweaters, which I’ve done a few of and which, while I always think I want to knit something mindless, I get bored with it. This is entertaining so far, and on size 8 needles so it’s going relatively fast.

The yarn is the Seacolors purple I spoke about here. It’s really very soft and squishy, somewhat rugged but soft. I love it.


Rosamunds Sweater

Finally had some time to finish up a few things this morning, since there was nothing planned for once. I had some hook and eye closures to sew onto my newest sweater, and labels to sew onto this and the previous two sweaters. (Yes, I have labels.)


So here is my latest sweater. I’ll just say, a stranger (who I suspect is my neighbor, I really ought to introduce myself next time) complemented it on our way out to photo shoot. This is exciting since no one who doesn’t know I knit ever does that, which I suspect suggests that it looks like I bought it. Score!


Rosamunds Cardigan
from Interweave Knits Fall 2009
Yarn – 13 Mile Farm yarn in Hawkweed, bought on vacation in Bozeman Mt this summer
Started – 9/11/10, finished 10/24/10
Size 4,5, and 6 needles (don’t ask)
Used somewhere between 900 and 1000 yds
LOVE it!

The buttons are from an antique shop in Newburyport, Ma.



It’s very warm and cozy, and different from what I have already. I don’t usually wear short sleeve sweaters, since if I’m wearing a sweater, chances are I’m cold, and I probably want sleeves. Plus, I would have been left with 1.5 skeins and I’m doing my best not to be left with random bits of yarn, since I never know what to do with it. So I added sleeves. If I did it again, I’d make the top portion above the arms a little longer, maybe half an inch, and I added about 3″ to the length. I’d move the waist shaping down a bit (you can’t really tell, but it puts my waist about 2″ higher than it really is), but on the whole I think it’s pretty good.

Following this trend, I’m going to try and make the purple yarn I have be an Estes Not-Vest Cardigan, I’ve seen it done a few times well on Ravelry, and I’m interested in trying a short row sleeve cap.

Fried on Friday

It’s Friday, I’m a little fried, here are some pretty pictures of yarn.

My cowl, which has been ripped for the 4th time now due to me hating pooling and trying to avoid it with several slipped stitch patterns. I will prevail.

Worsted weight yarn, handspun by me, for sale in the shop. These don’t pool they stripe.

Happy Friday!

A New Hat


Here’s my new hat! I made Greg a hat last year which is totally him. It’s a fair isle hat, muted greens and browns, simple 3 5 and 7 row peerie patterns, and it’s so very him. Simplicity (in the best way possible), calming, relaxed. This one is so very me. Orange, yellow, and red, 12, 13, 15 row patterns. Fussy and busy and a little crazy. (And I didn’t realize it doesn’t go with my Owl sweater, so ignore the bright pink sweater. I was at the beach and fashion is not high down there.) For my whole life, I had this strange characteristic of not wanting to stand out, but loving yellow, orange and red. I didn’t want to be called on in class, god forbid someone I don’t know talk to me, I’d pretty much want to just crawl under a table. I’ve come out of my shell a bit in the past few years, and grown into my colors. It’s much better this way anyways. Talking to yourself gets boring and only makes you crazier.




While the beach is fantastic in the summer, there’s something very very nice about the cape in the fall. The air is cool, crisp, the light is perfect, and it’s quiet. Most of the summer people (including most of the time us) are not there, and you feel like you have the place to yourself. Sunday was 60 and sunny, not too windy, perfect weather. I took a little trip to the village and took a few photos.

Mattapoisett was a shipbuilding town in the early 1800’s. Many of the houses in the village are from that original settlement, and I absolutely love the names that the historical society has put on the houses to denote who built it and when. Nye, Caleb, Ebenezer, Milachi, great stuff.


The bakery has moved from the village, but is adorable and has the best sandwiches and cookies and bear claws you’ll find for a long while.


The Inn (which used to be the Mattapoisett Inn and is now called the Kinsale Inn) is the oldest continuously functioning seaside inn in the country. The fair is a little heavy for the summer, but the porch is a great place for a drink. While tamer now, it was apparently the place to be when my aunts and uncles were growing up (being the only place in town, I suppose that’s not a surprise).


A mushroom and some rusty chains. End of season must have pulled that one up.


We went for a walk around the point at sunset and had a generally great weekend. Yes, that’s my new hat, I have some better photos for it’s own post this week. Sad to have to go home, but it was nice to get away. The sweater is blocking on the floor, hopefully I can get some photos soon!