Random Tuesday

Well, Monday didn’t happen, hunh..

1. I am seriously doubting my wine skills. I opened a bottle of wine today and was shocked that it was white. Nothing about the dark bottle or name lead me to believe it was white. Also, it was a $17 bottle I bought for $8 (thank you bin ends section) and it was good, but I’m not sure $17 good. I must be missing something.

b. Tonight is spinning night, trying to do more of that. Working on some green while watching Curb your Enthusiasm. Which is hysterical.

iii. We had purple potatoes for dinner. They were yummy.

purple potatoes

We also had apricot chicken which was delicious but not what I was expecting. But perfectly fine.

P.S. I love pandora. Especially my french cafe station. Makes me feel very classy. Also like I should have lived at least 50 years ago.


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