Flurry of Activity

Monday slipped by! Last weekend some knitting friends and I went to New Hampshire on a self-organized knitting retreat. And it was fantastic.


We stayed at a little camp, where we built fires in the fireplace to knit in front of, knit on the dock, wandered in the woods and took naps between knitting, and ate a lot of good food.

rosamund sweater in progress

I managed to make headway on my new project, and I must say I’m really liking it. I tend to think I want to knit stockinette because it’s mindless, but then I get bored with it and it lingers. This project is a perfect combination, started with some reversable cables, which are really neat, and then the body has those cables edging it, but the rest is stockinette. And the color is making me very happy.


Aside from my knitting bag, not much else has been decluttered. I’ve made a list of things that need cleaning out, doing, or organizing. I’m a freakishly goal oriented person, which means that making lists is insanely fun for me, since I get to check things off of it. Sometimes I put things on the list that I’ve done just to check it off! Anyways, I have grand plans of checking off my list by the end of the month and having the fall to enjoy a cleaned out, simplified apartment with a few new decorating ideas. I also have grand plans of filling the freezer with frozen food to pull out to eat during the week, and actually making a dinner plan so that I have food to cook instead of arriving at 6:30 with nothing to eat and no plan of what to make. But let’s be realistic here… Tonight is for Goodwill, but a bottle of wine has been opened, so we’ll see how far we get here.


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