Some Movies

Ah. I’m supposed to be packing my stuff to go away for the weekend on a knitting retreat… So I’m not packing. HA! I think I’ve settled on Rosamund’s Cardigan (rav link), we’ll just have to see how that goes. I think it’s interesting, something I normally wouldn’t knit, except that I just realized my wardrobe is seriously boring and it might just snazz it up, and it’s the right gauge for the yarn I bought without a plan. Note to self, do not buy yarn without a plan.

So, since it’s the weekend, and it’s getting cooler and darker (a change I am, bizzarely looking forward to) here are some movie recommendations. Neither Greg nor I typically like the blockbuster type movies, and I don’t like anything too depressing, so it’s very lucky that Greg is FANTASTIC at finding really good off the beaten track movies to watch. Here are a few… (They’re all amazon links, all also available on netflix.)

1. Neil Young, Silver and Gold. If you like Neil Young, this is a fantastic one. If you don’t, just move on. Songs are really great, we’ve been putting it on just to listen to it. Gotta send it back to Netflix eventually, sadly.

2. Away We Go. Really cute movie. I loved the actors, and the story was good.

3. It Might Get Loud. This one was awesome. Jack White from the White Stripes, the Edge from U2, and Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin get together to play guitar, with really interesting stories. It was really interesting to see how they all view the guitar differently, what their musical philosophies were. Really good music too.

4. The Human Face. This one is SUPER interesting, it’s a BBC documentary featuring John Cleese (need I say more) about how we perceive and view the human face. Sounds boring, promise it’s really really interesting.

5. Elling. Possibly saved my favorite for last. This one is really really good. It’s a touching story, humorous with lots to think about, a good feel good movie. You’ll need to read subtitles, but the knitters among us will love Kjell’s traditional Norwegian sweaters and socks. Really well worth it.

So that’s all I got, enjoy the weekend!


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