New Season!

Yeah! The secret knitting project is done (which shall remain un-disclosed, suffice it to say I’ve discovered linen stitch and I love it) and so is the hat! In record time!

fair isle hat

Just a little matter of weaving in a few ends…

fair isle hat inside

The pattern is nothing, really. Just cast on some, knit around with charts from this fab book, knit until it’s big enough then decrease. That’s the pattern. I did rip back once since I am chronically underestimating the height of a human head, but other than that it went fine. I have a cashmere sweater with a conspicuous stain in the front, which I’ve been wearing despite the stain, which people keep pointing out to me… so I’ll cut it up and line this hat with it. I have vague plans to make matching mittens and use the sleeves of the sweater for the same purpose of lining them also.

I’ll now spend an hour or so with a glass of wine and my pattern magazines and books and try to formulate a plan for the next step. But the knitting bag is empty and ready for a new project! I’ll be off with some friends at a knitting retreat of our own creation on a lake in New Hampshire. The weather will be cool when we get up and at night, with days in the 70’s, clear and dry, sounds like a perfect weekend to knit a sweater.


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