It is September 1st. Which in my mind goes hand in hand with a new school year. Even though I haven’t been in school for 6 years now, September is still the beginning of the year in my head. Every season I think it’ll finally slow down and it never does, but I keep pretending I’ll have more free time next season. It seems in spring and fall I’m inspired to declutter (I think because summer and winter are so busy that things accumulate until we reach the ‘critical clutter’ level which precipitated the massive clean and recent redecorating we just went through). There is enough space in our apartment, but anyone who knows knitting, spinning, or fly tying knows that our hobbies are messy ones. So it’s time to go through for Good Will, finally get that shredder set up, and try to get things simplified again.

knitting bag

This includes my knitting bag. I was never the kind of person who had more than one project at a time until a few years ago. And now somehow it happens a lot. This summer was especially bad, I had that Salina which is now done, but had it’s top knit about 4 times, and was in time out in between re-knits. Then there’s that hat I started on vacation, which I actually did finish, but since I can never seem to grasp that a head is actually much taller than I think it is, the top is being re-knit. And then there were the baby sweaters, which got thrown in there then pushed to the front of the line. And then there’s a secret project that I’ll not mention in case someone happens to read this. Salina is done, baby sweaters are done, that just leaves the hat and the secret project. And these must be done before I can start a sweater I want to start. Hopefully by the time we’re done with getting the house back together and cleaned out, we’ll have an empty bag for a new season.


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