Busy Weekend

As mentioned last week, we had planned to paint our apartment last weekend and paint we did. It is so pleasing to watch paint go onto a wall with a roller, and it is fantastic the change that a little color can make. We’re still gathering the things we’re putting on the walls, so the walls are still bare until we get everything together, but the difference is so huge already. It’s so warm and homey. It took us all day from 8 to 6 pm to do two rooms, but it was well worth it. We hardly noticed it was 90F. (haha) The dining room went from this:


to this:


and the living room went from this:


to this:


Very very exciting!! We’re waiting for a few more things to put up pictures on the walls, but it’s gonna be great. Such a huge homey improvement so far.

And baby sweaters. I bought buttons 4 hours before we were supposed to show up at the bbq, and sewed them on frantically an hour before, in a coffee shop in Northampton… I’m usually way more organized than this, I swear…



So cute.


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