A Pair of Cuties

Ah ha. So tomorrow is Saturday and we’re visiting friends who have twins. Or have had twins for about 6 months now, and they have no Harrison handknits. Bad me. So I’ve great plans to bring them tomorrow two baby sweaters which hopefully will fit sometime this winter.

The first you’ve seen before. The second you’ve seen a lousy photo of. The second has a bit of a trick in it which I thought I’d share, since I can’t be the only one who bravely forges ahead only to find out she’s about 30 yards short of a proper sweater, and sometimes you just can’t pull off 3/4 sleeves…

I knit this from the bottom up of the body, provisionally cast on the sleeves and did the yoke first, then down the sleeves, figuring I could always make the sleeves a wee bit short. I weighed out my yarn, thought it was about enough, then forged ahead. About 2″ from the right sleeve length, I ran out. This is very sad, since this is handspun so there is no more, the sweater is due on Saturday so there isn’t time to start again, and I really liked this yarn as a baby sweater.


I pulled out my stash and started digging through. Nothing even remotely matched, so I couldn’t finish the sleeves in something else in block fashion (knit with yarn until I run out then try to pass off non-matching yarn on the cuffs, that just wouldn’t look good). In my scraps bag, I had some convieniently 3 ply, matching weight handspun. The two problems with this is that (a) it wasn’t merino, so there was a noticable change in feel of the yarn from soft soft to slightly more rugged, and (b) it was a purple/green type thing, so it didn’t match at all. At first I threw it aside because I didn’t think it would work. And then since I’d been through everything else, and I had to do SOMETHING, I went back to the non-matching one and thought “maybe I can sneak it in…”

clever sleeve

And it worked. I did ripped back to a few inches, and started every other row with the old and new yarn, and I think it looks so cute! The change in feel isn’t as sharp since the soft is mixed in with the still-soft-but-slightly-more-rugged yarn, and the colors are complementing in ways I didn’t expect

.baby sweater in progress

And so it’ll get finished tonight, then some buttons, perhaps on the car ride out there, and voila, I’m no longer slacker knitterly friend, but warmth providing knitterly friend. (No, it’s not done and no I don’t have buttons. Don’t ask.) And now I have a ton of new ideas for stretching my handspun.

Happy Friday.


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