Random Wednesday

As our house was cluttered last week, so has my head been, so here’s a random discombobulated list of things. Hopefully by next week I’ll be recombobulated.

1. Tuesday nights at the Cantab is bluegrass night, of which we partook last night. It was great. The Spring Hill Rounders were fantastic, go see them if you’re around the Boston area.

b. I’m feverishly working on the second of my two baby sweaters, it’s nearly done. Body finished yesterday, sleeves started while my car was getting an oil change. Alas I am about 2 inches short on each sleeve… I’ll figure something out.

new sweater

Terribly sorry about the lousy photo, it’s been raining here for days…

Thirdly. Getting an oil change on a rainy night when you’re waiting for your car an extra 45 minutes then get have to drive through traffic to get home and pick up the veggies from the CSA when you’re already monster hungry before it takes them 1.5 hours to change your oil is a recipe for disaster.


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