Last week, as I madly got things together to get the shop up and going (there’s a sale on now, psst…) everything got pulled out which made the house look very cluttered for a day or two. When this happens, the clutter alarm goes off. It seems we can tolerate a certain amount of clutter, and then it hits crisis mode and there is zero clutter tolerance. So we spent a mad evening decluttering/cleaning/putting things where they live. (I swore when I was 14 that this would never happen to me.) When it was all done, all surfaces were clear, all things were where they lived, and we sat down and Greg said… “well, it’s better.” It was as good as it could get without something else. Like actually decorating…

We both lived in our own apartments when we got out of college (with roommates of course…) and thus have accumulated furniture that is nicer than in college, but it still doesn’t match, the curtains are still Target specials. See these curtains? They kind of go with a rug I used to have in another apartment… They have no business being up in our windows right now.

dining room paint chips

The living room is a hodge podge right now…

living room pain chips

And the thing that amazes us is that last year we improved by leaps and bound with new grown up rugs and new furniture in the dining room. And we thought we were hot stuff, so great were the improvements. But those improvements have worn off, and has left us suspecting that before we did that it was REALLY bad! And so, we’re going for round two. The posters which have been tacked to the wall (literally) are at the framers getting real grown up frames, and we’ve got paint chips up on the wall. Our super awesome landlord is letting us paint the place, and I cannot wait. It’s gonna be great. The biggest difference in my view between an apartment and a cozy home is white walls vs color. I love color anyways. So this is exciting. After the paint goes up new curtains will go up and posters in real live frames and it’ll be a super cozy place to sit and knit.


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