Shop Refurbishing

As August winds down (sad!) I’m winding up the shop again. All that yarn from the other day was wound yesterday (all 3714 yards of it – yikes!) and today was photo day, sprucing up the photos for the existing yarn and taking photos of the new stuff. All that will be updated by Friday, when there’ll be a little sale going on, make some room in the shop (and in my not so big apartment!) for some new stuff!
Sneak peak of some new stuff coming…


Also in sad news, when they say don’t leave your Birks in the hot car, they’re serious… my sad little 7 year old Birk sandals spent a few days in the car and the rubber is no longer attached to the cork… Very very sad. These sandals have gone a long way with me. (I tend to keep things for a really long time, like past where they’re grimy. Well, at least Birks and Dansko clogs. Why yes, I am a picture of fashion.) So perhaps some new ones are on my horizon!


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