A little light spinning

The shop has been a bit neglected this summer (I’m here, everything’s available, but I’m not updating as much). Part of this is that I don’t have AC and it’s pretty warm in the summer in Boston. The second is it seems a lot of people don’t have AC and aren’t knitting and buying yarn in the summer. So I did a lot of dying in the late spring, and have been working on some custom orders when the heat and humidity allow.

These weren’t just any custom spins, they were very very sexy custom spins. 6 oz of Cashmere/silk to be laceweight, and 1 lb (yes, one pound) of camel/silk to be something more sweater amounts. I spent a lot of time thinking of them and how to best get what I wanted out of them and was terrified to ruin such awesome stuff, but in the end it came out very well. Here they are, about 1300 yds of cashmere/silk lace and about 1100 yds of camel/silk, sport-ish weight.
cash/silk, camel/silk

The shine!!

cashmere/silk and camel/silk

They’re hopping in the bath soon and will be a little bit poofier, but I couldn’t resist a photo.

And then some comparatively boring merino, spun up in fingering to sport weight. The little one on the bottom is the remnants from the singles Navajo plied.

green and orange yarns

I’m still deciding whether to steal the green one, it’s just so pretty. These are hopping in the bath soon too, but I was so excited to clear off all 12 bobbins I wanted to take their photos.

So the shop will be restocked very soon! Yeah!


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