I’ve been on vacation all week. It’s not over. We’ve grilled, sailed the sunfish and gone swimming off the pier (even if I got out immediately because I’m scared of sharks).


But it’s so nice. I’ve been fortunate to vacation each summer, for most of my life for most of the summer, in the same place. In fact the same place as my mother and her family. Which lends itself to continuity and familiarity. (You’ll come to notice I’m a sucker for tradition and the reassuring repetitiveness of things that happen every year.) The kids my mother babysat are the same people at the beach today, I know them, they know me, they were at my wedding. I’m watching my dreaded babysitter have her own kids (the one who told us not to punch her in the stomach because blood would come out her mouth… not that we were ever punchers anyways…), watching them grow up. Every spring we come down and have to re-recognize the kids who have changes so much over the winter we can’t put a name to the face anymore. (I swear I’m 28 years old. Not 80.) There are lots of people and especially in the past few years a lot of changes, but there are some things that will never change.

We have an outdoor shower which you use to hose off after the beach. There is a tree out there, I don’t even know what type of tree it is. But every year I knew the dreaded trip back home was coming when we could see the leaves starting to turn red. In mid-August, right on schedule, they began to turn this week.



So I’m going to finish my vacation and will try to be back on Monday with something knitting or spinning related.


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