A New (Favorite) Dress

As I mentioned last time, I’ve been doing some sewing.

new dress

I had a great time with this one. It’s super cute, has little birdies on it, and makes me very happy. There are a few things I’d do differently if I did it again, but I fit it to me so it fits exactly the way I wanted, and for a first try I couldn’t be happier.

new dress 2

Having not followed a pattern since middle school home economics, I think the few issues I ran into aren’t so bad. I’d get the size right next time, but not sure how I can avoid that one. I measured that one and it said one size, I did have the correct seam allowances, alas, it was too large. Just took in the sides. I do not iron my clothes, I do not buy things that need ironing, and things that do are just wrinkly. It’s just how I roll. However, the ironing of the seams was very satisfying. I’ll be doing this again. My next fabric I want to use has giant avocados, pears, and apples etc. I cannot wait.


One thought on “A New (Favorite) Dress

  1. hi – you look like a creeper sneaking around in an anthro catalogue. dress is so cute!

    your sister

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