A New Dress

fabric 2

For some time I’ve had a new fancy pants sewing machine, which I got for my 25th birthday… 3.5 years ago. I have made some curtains, hemmed some pants, put on some patches, etc. But I wanted to really sew something, for real. That was the whole idea. So I finally got around to buying some fabric, which was the real catalyst, it is so cute! And picked a pattern. That was a little more difficult, but I found one I wanted (sans sleeves) since I really love 50’s style dresses and you just don’t find them (probably because it’s not the 50’s…). After a false start with the lining fabric and a few hitches along the way, I’ve almost got my dress made. I have learned a LOT. I’m sure this goes much faster if you’ve done it before, and I’ve got more fabric for more dresses or skirts, so I’m sure I’ll get better at this. But I am apparently either really lousy at measuring myself or I was really retaining a lot of water when I measured. As any good knitter knows, you try on as you go so you’re not sad at the end. So I’ve been trying this on and keep taking in the sides so the pockets aren’t actually in the back, and the front isn’t for someone 3 cup sizes bigger, etc. But it’s working!


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